Vaios Dimitriou offers you a great diversity of bread, confectionery and sweet products that can satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Our bakery presents a wide range of services such as catering, sport cafe and delivery service. Sport café provides a huge room where you could enjoy watching your favourite sport team’s moments.

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Our first store is at Napoleontos Zerba & Salamagka 1 Street and provides a great range of bread and confectionery productsmore


Our second store is at Dodonis & Kapodistriou Street. We serve bread and confectionery products, hot and cold drinks, coffee..more..


Vaios Dimitriou undertakes catering services for every kind of circumstances. The foods are of various tastes, with aesthetic quality, which designate the event’s character..more..


Vaios Dimitriou is known for his high nutritional foods which show respect to the consuming needs. The ingredients provide such a tasty pleasure especially in regard of the bread and confectionery products. The bakery ingredients are supplied by well- known companies such as Creta Farm, Dodoni, Philadelphia. The result is truly amazing. Vaios Dimitriou provides also delivery service so as to satisfy the nutritional consuming needs every time of the day at Ioannina..more

Vaios Dimitriou cooperates with leading suppliers who put the quality standards at very high level. The bakery chooses products from well- known companies like Dodoni, Papafili Mills , Rio Mare, Pummaro, Hellmanns and Philadelphia.

overview left Today, DODONI is the leading Greek producer and exporter of cheese products. Its exclusive activity is the milk production and the trade of dairy products. DODONI is the leading manufacturer of authentic FETA (P.D.O.), which is produced exclusively from fresh pasteurized ewe's and goat's milk, with a production capacity of about 15.000 tons annually in a tailor made, completely automated production line.

overview left Papafilis Mills produces, strong, soft and durum wheat flours appropriate to traditional homemade bread, pastry and pasta. Suitable for all homemade traditional recipes.

overview right “So soft... you can cut it with a lettuce!". Rio Mare went on to conquer a 10% share of the tuna market and become the undisputed leader. The following years were characterised by the expansion of the production unit through which the products of the company manage to gain the preference of the customers.

overview rightPummaro is a tomato product based to organic lycopene (12mg/100gr). The professional agriculturists of the Unilever Hellas Company choose carefully the tomato seeds so as to produce qualified tomato products for the final consumers.  

overview left Philadelphia is a delightful, tasty, soft and of creamy texture product which gives a wonderful flavor to bread, sandwiches, pasta and sweets.

overview rightHELLMAN’S has created a product trade which promotes the true quality. Corresponding to the customer’s need for new, quick and tasty dishes, the company provides dressings, made from pure ingredients, which cover all the customer’s requests and needs.

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Vaios Dimitriou participates through sponsorships in sporting events at Ioannina. Defending the idea of fair play, Vaios Dimitriou supports the teams of the Amateur League at Ioannina, of purpose the sports development in Ioannina city. Our bakery stands next to the young people’s needs so as to get in touch with the athletics spirit and the teamwork benefits. 


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Vaios Dimitriou is sensitized by the citizens’ needs, especially during difficult periods of social and financial crisis. Driven by the social and voluntary activity at Ioannina, Vaios Dimitriou supports these kinds of activities such as voluntary blood donation, the “Child’s Smile”, the breastfeeding, e.t.c., so as to inform all the citizens for these important actions. Our bakery stands next to the difficulties that these actions have and promotes the volunteering in Ioannina city.




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