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Vaios Dimitriou provides a great range of products and services which correspond to the contemporary confectionary requirements at Ioannina.

All products are handmade from pure ingredients. Bread products, sticks and sweets satisfy the most demanding palete.

The bakery's workshops aim to create products with high nutritional value.

Vaios Dimitriou provides also services like catering and delivery so as to serve the customers. 



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The history of bread

The history of bread begins in Europe, 30.000 years ago. The first bread product was a pasta version of cereals, made from roasted and grounded cereals with water. Its creation is probably random, during cooking time or maybe on purpose after a longtime experimentation with total milling flour and water. The most possible version of bread is the unleavened.
The cereals and bread became the basic way of feeding in Neolithic Period, 10.000 years ago, when the wheat and the barley were the first kind of planting. Their planting was spread from Southwest Asia to Europe, South Africa and Indian peninsula. This spread gave the opportunity to all the peoples to become farmers, instead of hunters or food collectors.
The bread made with yeast comes into sight probably at the prehistorical period of time. The first testimonies originated at Ancient Egypt. Although, the idea of a preheated oven with one way of access seems to belong to Greece.

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For so many generations the white bread was a product only for the rich. The poor people on the contrary were eating brown bread. This situation was changed first at the west societies, at the end of the 20th century. The result was a widespread preference to the brown bread due to its high nutritional value. Nowadays, the white bread is referred to a partial ignorance for the qualified diet.
Today, instead of the high evolution on the field of baking, owing to the scientific and technological achievements to the processing of raw materials, the preparation of a good and tasty bread depends on the baker’s art and talent. Therefore, the role of the human factor remains significant. The inspiration , the love, the experience, the ability to choose the best and qualified materials play an important role and provide more benefits at the field of the technologically advanced bakery.


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